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Speaking of Change

Speaking of Change examines philanthropy's role in shaping and driving social change. Produced by the Philanthropy Forum at the University of Pittsburgh, Speaking of Change looks at philanthropy's work through intimate conversations with philanthropists, foundation leaders, social changemakers, nonprofit gurus and academics.

Sep 13, 2021

A Gift of Belief: Philanthropy and the Forging of Pittsburgh chronicles the rich but largely untold story of the diverse and lesser known philanthropists whose legacy shaped the region.

This season of Speaking of Change invites philanthropic practitioners and community leaders to comment on the book's themes and draw parallels and lessons to inform current practice.

Book editor Kathy Buechel sits down with Heather Arnet  of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern PA and chapter author Tony Macklin of Tony Macklin Consulting. Heather, Tony, and Kathy discuss the tool of advocacy in philanthropic practice - how different foundations have used this tool, some of its successes and stumbling blocks, and how individuals gained agency through philanthropic advocacy.